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  • Nakki Lake

    Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu- Unique Geographical Conditions and Natural Settings inspired numerous Royal Families to make a Residence in Mountains which are now converted in Hotels. Some are - Hotel Jaipur House, Connaught House, Bikaner House, Kesar Bhawan Palace, Kishangarh House, Sunrise Palace...

  • Mount Abu Forest

    Places to See in Mount Abu – Densely dotted with Tourist Attractions, Mount Abu has numerous sites and places to see. Some favourite Sightseeing Tourist Treasures are Nakki Lake, Delwara Jain Temple, Achalgarh, Guru Shikhar, Sunset Point, Adhar Devi, Peace park, Shankar, Math, Wild Life Sanctuary, and Gaumukh...

  • Mount Abu Adventure

    Things To Do in Mount Abu - Abundance of Nature and unique Topography accounts well for various adventure activities to be carried out. Some of them are Rock Climbing, Camping, Repplling, Forest Safari and Trekking in Mount Abu. With rising awareness, Yoga and Meditation are now among the popular activities in Mount Abu.

  • Nakki Lake Mount Abu

    Resorts in Mount Abu - Looking out for tranquil & Peaceful family vacations, Star Hotels and Resorts in Mount Abu will surely amaze and fill your vacations with Joy and Pleasure. Some of the Luxury Hotels in Mount Abu are Hotel Hilltone, Hillock, Cama Rajputana and Palanpur Palace.

  • Jaipur House

    Budget Hotels in Mount Abu - With increasing tourist influx numerous Budget Hotels have came up in Mount Abu to suit the Pocket of the every Tourist. Some Popular Economic Hotels in Mount Abu are Hotel Maharaja, Chanakya, Aidana House Home Stay, Samrat International, Savera Palace and Lake Palace...

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Jaisalmer is where the past lives in the present, where every stone tells a memorable tale, where century old streets in their labyrinthine meanderings have witnessed the ups and downs of people passing through: Where the facade of each house is an architectural beauty and from whence brave man filed past to meet. The foe with the sole aim of winning or dying the field and where beautiful damsels in gay costumes balancing head loads of water pots glided past in sheer ecstatic abandon. 

Upon the summit of a rocky ridge, Jaisalmer Fort looks like a scuffy old lion in wait for its prey. The beauty of the architecture and great antiquity of this golden city is fabled. The grand fresco, mural and painting work, the carved ceilings, exquisite windows, shutters, doors remain preserved within building. Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Patwa ki Haveli, Dewan Nathmal ki Haveli are high imposing.

Massive city gateways, open courtyards and narrow lanes give Jaisalmer its majestic atmosphere. House that are high, cluster in close rows along the cobbled street domes, pillars, arches, walls, balconies almost everything is carved out geometrically and ornamented with floral and representational patterns that have animal, bird and human figures. 

Among the tanks the most notable is Garisar Lake, which looks like an ephemeral lake. There are Hindu temples, Chatris, on the banks of the artificial islets. The Jain Temples and Royal Cenotaphs have pure Hindu architecture in Nagra style. Basically we can divide Jaisalmer’s architecture beauty in five segments -Jaisalmer Havelies, Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer Temple, Jaisalmer Common houses, Jaisalmer Stone carvings. 

Tourism in Jaisalmer has taken a high leap since last two decades because of its Uniqueness. Jaisalmer Weather is at its best during September to February. One can find variety of accommodation in Jaisalmer. There is wide range of Hotels in Jaisalmer. Most of the Jaisalmer Hotels offer the best of comfort and also allow good views of the Jaisalmer Fort and other attractions in Jaisalmer that dot the city. One can expect the best of all luxuries at the star hotels in Jaisalmer and heritage hotels in Jaisalmer. Resorts in Jaisalmer offers one with conceptual stay and services. While the Cheap Hotels and Budget Hotels in Jaisalmer allow you to stay in comfort without straining your pockets. In order to get a hotel of your choice in Jaisalmer, it is best to Book a Hotel well in advance.


         Celebrated as one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Jaisalmer, Hotel Suryagarh is a hidden gem in heart of the Thar Desert. An oasis of luminous Rajputana glamour and hospitali

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